Voter ID Cards

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Try to rent a car or a motel room without an ID. Have you ever donated blood (I hope so, if not what’s your problem)? If so, you know you need an ID to do so. Buy more than one pack of certain cold medicine and you’ll have to show and ID and sign for the stuff.
Try to do anything in a bank that is not your usual local bank where everyone knows you and, of course, you will need an ID. Try to get on an airplane without an ID. Try to write a check anywhere without one. You need an ID to do either one. Do you know what else you need an ID for? To get into an event at which Eric Holder, the current attorney general, or Michelle Obama, the first lady are speaking. That’s right, these two who are inner circle Obama administration require ID to attend their events, but are against requiring ID to vote. They claim that it is discrimanatory, that it is oppressive and that it is only the “right wing”’s attempt to stop the poor and the minorities from voting.
I say BS! These so called poor, minorities that the “right wing” is trying to prevent from voting already have ID’s to be able to get signed up for the government assistance packages that they receive. Think about the people you come into contact with every day and which ones of these are “likely” voters. I will admit that there may be people out there who are so far off the grid that they don’t already have some type of ID card, but these people are NOT “likely” voters. This is a not too transparent attempt to get the illegals to vote because if they do vote they will vote overwhelmingly democratic. This is obvious to me and should be obvious to anyone who takes a minute to think about it.


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