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John Edwards Trial

Posted: June 4, 2012 in news, political

OK, John Edwards is a sleazeball. I have ALWAYS said that. When some of my friends were almost giddy because a North Carolinian was running for the presidency, I told them back then that he was a sleazeball. It should be obvious if you have read any of my postings before that I disagree very much with his politics, but that has nothing to do with his being a sleazeball. John Edwards politics are not the reason he is a sleazeball. John Edwards is a sleazeball because of his CHARACTER (or actually the lack thereof).

That having been said, he did not deserve 30 years in prison (this is what the press kept saying he was facing, during his trial) for being a sleazeball. In fact, as disgusting as a sleazeball can be, being a sleazeball is not illegal. Look at reality. Not reality television reality, but real reality. (Real reality, now there’s an adjective/noun combination I’ll bet you never saw in school.) People are being found guilty of killing someone else and getting a few years, if that much. I personally know of a case in which a man stole a gun, used it to kill someone in the course of an illegal drug deal, and used the same stolen gun to rob a store to get the money to make his get away in a stolen car. When he went to jail, he didn’t even get the so-called “mandatory” seven years for armed robbery with a hand gun.

No, what Edwards did was disgusting, it was immoral, it was downright sleazy, but it didn’t warrant 30 years in prison, even if they HAD found him guilty, which they, of course, did not do.

Campaign finance law could be the subject of another blog (if I could make any sense of it) but that is not exactly what I am talking about. What actually happened in the Edwards case, without getting into campaign finance laws?

1. Someone gave him some money.

2. He spent the money. Case closed.

Now, these campaign finance laws are convoluted, at best, but whether the money was donated to finace his campaign, or to help him pay for hiding his mistress, the money WAS given to him. And he spent it to cover up the fact that he was cheating on his nearly dead from cancer wife. He says it was to protect his wife, so that she wouldn’t have to deal with his cheating, etc. If he was really concerned for her and her feelings he wouldn’t have cheated on her to begin with. And to do what he did while she was dealing with cancer. This is absolutely sleazeball behavior, but is it a criminal offense worthy of a sentence of 30 years? As much as I dislike John Edwards, I think not.

Just my opinion.

Vaya con Dios,