Hanoi Jane

Posted: May 17, 2012 in news, pop culture

Jane Fonda.
A fair to middling actress who made a few good movies, none of which I will ever watch. I will have no part in anything that puts any money in her pocket whether it be buying a ticket to a movie or even watching one on TV for which she may get a residual check. I only mention her here because her name came up on Yahoo news today as a “Fit 74 year old” who was, according to the reporter, “upstaging the younger stars”. When I saw her name, I felt I had to add my two cents.

Jane Fonda is a traitor and should have been charged with and convicted of treason.


Read for yourself at the above link if you don’t believe me.

One definition of treason, as defined in the Constitution, is giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy. Whether you agree(d) with the Viet Nam war and the reasons for fighting it or not is not the issue. Even if you were a staunch anti-war protestor, you cannot deny that the enemy of the US was, indeed, North Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh. Also, you cannot deny, without deliberately denying history, that she did, indeed, give “aid and comfort” to these said enemies. Therefore, by the very definition of treason, she was (IS) guilty of said crime. The fact that she didn’t go to jail (actually the prescribed punishment for treason is the death penalty) for her crimes makes me wonder about our judicial system.
The fact that she railed against the US and capitalism and then later married Ted Turner shows that she is a hypocrite.
The fact that she is being lauded as someone to emulate and look up to makes me want to puke.

That about sums it up.

Weight is unchanged since last post. No excuses, just the way it is.

Yankees are losing, but are still within 3 games of first and have some injuries. It is WAY too early to count them out, even without Rivera.

Amendment One passed and passed rather handily. I am not one of these people who are saying they are “ashamed” of NC, but I did hope that people would look at the issue other than as how it stood against their religion. I do not want a Muslim, Buddist, Krishna follower, an atheist, or anyone else to tell me that I must behave according to their religious beliefs and I am sure that the majority of those who voted FOR Amendment One feel that way, also. I was hoping that they would see that imposing their religious beliefs on their fellow North Carolinians was the flip side of that same coin. Guess I should have known better.


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