Wednesday, May 2, 2012 thoughts….

Posted: May 2, 2012 in amendment one, sports, weight

1. Weight… One of the main purposes of this blog was accountability in my ongoing battle with my weight. I haven’t written in a couple of weeks, so much for accountability.
I have been using the scale in the shop, which we use to weigh items we are shipping out. It has been non-functioning for a week or two, which gave me an excuse not to weigh in. It is now working, and I weighed in at 306. Going the wrong direction, last weigh in was 303. OK, gotta get serious about this thing. Today’s menu= breakfast, a v8 juice, 12 oz, 70 calories…morning break, one cup peach chunks in water, 60 calories, running total now at 130…One cup size yogurt, 140 calories, running total now 270. (I am taking antibiotics for a tick bite, yogurt is to replace “good” bacteria). Lunch, McDonalds (59cent hamburger day), two burgers, 250 cal. each, one small fry, 230 cals, diet coke, zero cals. Lunch total 730 cals, running total now 1000. My goal is 1800, if I have a salad for dinner and go easy on the dressing, I will be under.

2. Sports…
Derek Jeter is batting .400 and playing good defense. To those idiots who last year said he was getting old, I hope he wins the MVP this year.

3. Amendment One…
I am reading and seeing ads that ask to please vote against the amendment in order to keep domestic violence protection in place for some victims. I don’t understand this, maybe someone can explain it to me, but I thought it was against the law to beat someone up whether you are married to them or not.
“The second ad, which is running online, features Andrea McConnell, a New Bern resident whose younger sister was murdered by her boyfriend in 2009. McConnell urges voters to oppose Amendment One because it will deny domestic violence protections to unmarried couples.”
According to this, if the amendment passes, I am in trouble if I kill my wife, but not so much if I killed my girl friend. Really? Come on. I am against the amendment, but let’s be realistic in our arguments about it, let’s use facts instead of rhetoric.

  1. heathermcamp says:

    The gist is, in Ohio when a similar amendment was passed, domestic violence protections suddenly only applied to married couples. Simple battery charges still applied to assault cases with non-married couples, but not domestic violence laws. Unmarried women in abusive relationships also lost access to shelters for battered women as the law no longer viewed those situations as domestic violence. The lawyers for the batterers took it up in court every time – “It’s not domestic violence because they’re not married” – and because of the ambiguities of the law, judges often sided with the batterers rather than the victims. It took Ohio two years to figure out how to get around that, and in the meantime a lot of vermin walked with lesser charges and suspended sentances, or got all charges dropped, since simple battery isn’t as bad as domestic violence.

  2. mikeleffew says:

    I really did not realize that battery charges were different if the victim was married to the perp. Sounds kind of goofy to me, penalty should be the same for assaulting someone whether they are your legal spouse or a total stranger. Looks like some other laws need changing. This is sort of like the ridiculousness of hate crime laws. How is it more heinous a crime to drag someone behind the truck until they are dead if they are black than if they were white? But hey, I’m just a dinosaur, what do I know?

    • heathermcamp says:

      Frankly I think any violent crime is a hate crime – even if one doesn’t personally hate the person against whom one is perpetrating a violent crime, that doesn’t change the fact that some hateful feeling toward society in general has fueled one’s violence.

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