Tuesday, 10 Apr…

Posted: April 12, 2012 in news, sports, weight

Tuesday, 10 April

(I wrote this Tuesday, didn’t actually get around to posting it until Thurs.)


The holiday weekend is over and I am still at 303. I did some research to make sure that I wasn’t just making excuses and it turns out that, as I suspected, part of my weight problem is, indeed, my medication. I am taking a med for my hypertension called atenolol which is a class of medication called a beta blocker. Beta blockers work by relaxing the blood vessels and slowing the heart rate to reduce blood pressure. The ‘net is full of people asking how to lose weight while taking beta blockers and they are all struggling with this problem.

Even exercise is only partially helpful, because I can’t get my heart rate up to where it needs to be for a good cardio workout, again because of the meds. You see all these ads for supplements that “raise metabolism” or “increase metabolism” or “send your metabolism into over-drive” and here I am taking something to have the completely opposite effect. This does make it more difficult, but it is not impossible.

The bottom line is, and this doesn’t change, to lose weight you need to take in fewer calories and / or burn more. There are many different diets out there, some work better than others, but the bottom line doesn’t change. Burn more or take in less to lose pounds. Since burning more is a problem with my meds, taking in less is going to have to work. I think I will try skipping lunch for a while.

Everybody says, “Eat more meals, just smaller ones” and I am sure that that approach has worked for many, but not me. You know, if I could just quit eating, like I did smoking, I could handle it, but you gotta eat. I eat a little, and that leads to a little more. If I HAD to smoke a little, I never would have quit smoking either. Cold turkey works for me, cutting back never has.



I was pulling for Phil Mickelson, but couldn’t be happier for Bubba Watson and his first Masters win. He has never had a golf lesson, doesn’t have a swing coach, doesn’t need a sports psycologist and is from the Florida panhandle. He owns the original General Lee (the car from the Dukes of Hazzard) and his name is Bubba! It don’t get any LESS snooty than that. The Masters winner picks the menu for the dinner at next years Masters, and he has said it would probably be cheeseburgers. My kind of champion.


Yeah, I know the Yankees started out 0-3, but so did the BoSox. (They both got their first win yesterday).

April 12 update – The Yanks are now 3-3 after winning 3 straight, thanks to the O’s.

The BoSox are losing, too and are now 1-5, I love it. The Braves finally got a win, thanks to the return of Chipper Jones and are now 2-4 after 4 loses to start. Did you know that only Mickey Mantle and Eddie Murray have more switch hit home runs than Chipper? That’s pretty good company.


My two cents on the Trayvan Martin case.

First, there has been a “rush to judgment” since the story first broke. Next, the selective editing of the 9-1-1 call (by the media, NBC, I think) was outrageous. They made it sound like it was a racial issue, whether it was or not. Third, the New Black Panther party’s leader should be arrested for putting a bounty on Zimmerman. Fourth, the idiot celebraties that tweeted what they thought was Zimmerman’s address should be charged with something, too. And lastly, we (we being the general public) do not know the facts, yet. We do not know what happened.  Only two people know exactly what happened, and one of them is dead.  We need to reserve our judgments until we DO know the facts. But, the bottom line is that a seventeen-year-old kid is dead.  It may be that he did attack Zimmerman, I don’t know. If he did, it was not the twelve year old that we all saw pictures of, it was the 6 ft 3 inch tall, hoodie wearing, gold teeth flashing, thug looking Trayvan that attacked. But, while he may have been 6’3 and he may have had gold teeth, and he may have been wearing a hoodie and looking like a thug, but he was STILL seventeen and UNARMED.  Zimmerman is a wanna-be cop who is several years more mature and several pounds heavier than Trayvan was. I don’t know the facts, but I don’t believe killing that teenager was Zimmerman’s only choice.

April 12 update—They (the state of Fla) have now arrested Zimmerman and are charging him with 2nd degree murder. I’m not a lawyer and don’t claim to know the Florida laws, but 2nd degree murder doesn’t make sense to me. Manslaughter I could see, but if it is at all murder, why not first degree? He did, after all, continue, after the 9-1-1 operator told him not to, to follow Trayvan. That’s not too big a stretch from “premeditation”.  Then, again, I’m not a Florida lawyer.

Vaya Con Dios,  ML

  1. heathermcamp says:

    I haven’t really taken on the Trayvon issue yet… I got pissed earlier and took on Amendment 1 though. Check it out. I’ll probably start getting hate mail soon. 🙂 But you know me – I don’t care.

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