Sports, April

Posted: April 2, 2012 in sports


As for NCAA Basketball, I really don’t care, since the ACC are all gone, but will pick Kentucky and hope that I am wrong.

Baseball, 2012

Since the season starts in a couple of days it is time to make my predictions.

(Technically the season has already started, but two teams playing two games in Japan and splitting them 1-1 hardly counts).

American League

Of course I am picking my Yankees to win the east.

I am picking Detroit Tigers for the central. They picked up some pitching and signed Prince Fielder.

In the west, I probably should pick Texas,  but because of pitching and Albert Pujols, will pick the Angels.

National League

The Phillies should still be the strongest team in the NL and should win the east.

The central went to Milwaukee last year, but they lost some talent. I’ll pick St. Louis, but will pull for the Cubs.

I’m going with the Diamond Backs in the west.

Most improved this year SHOULD be the Washington Nationals. Most improved may get them to .500, but nowhere near contention yet.

As for my weight, the other purpose for this blog,this past Sunday was our once a month birthday/fellowship lunch at New Vision Fellowship and I ate too much. But tonight is our blood drive, so I should lose a bit (how much does a unit of blood weigh?)  Will post a number next time.

Vaya Con Dios



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